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The Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes and New Bedroom Storage

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Your bedroom is a place where you should feel relaxed and settled, but if you don’t have the right kind of storage then the space can become cluttered. Fitted wardrobes and other storage solutions are a great way of keeping your clothing and accessories organised and a professional bedroom designer can help.

In this blog, we explain the benefits of fitted wardrobes.

More space

Fitted wardrobes fit perfectly against your wall so every gap is used, not only does this make them less overpowering than free-standing wardrobes but they create more floor space. The last thing you want in a bedroom is to feel cramped, but with the right kind of furniture and a redesign, you can utilise every inch of the room. As they sit flush against the wall you won’t have to deal with poorly sized furniture and mismatched items.


A fitted wardrobe or new shelving can be customised to suit your needs so you can properly store all of your items. It can be very annoying when you can’t find storage that has all the rails, shelves or hooks that you need, but a bespoke storage solution offers more room and better organisation for your requirements. Perhaps you’re a shoe lover and need shelving that can hold every pair, working with a designer means you can tell me exactly what they need so they can create and install the right solutions for you.

Better organisation

To be able to sort your clothing and see exactly what you have, you need a good wardrobe. Often, people forget about how much clothing they actually have, but when everything is properly organised you can see it all. You may find some old hidden treasures which means you can get proper wear out of the clothes you already have instead of purchasing more.

Here at The Plumbing Doctor, as well as offering high-quality plumbing solutions we also specialise in bedroom and wardrobe fitting. From modern designs to practical installations, our team will work alongside you to create your dream bedroom. Visit our showroom today or get in touch with us today.