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Four Signs That You May Have a Leak in Your Property

General Plumbing

Early detection is important when it comes to leaks. If left undetected and untreated, leaks can cause serious damage and could leave you with a hefty bill! However, when a leak occurs you will usually notice a few telltale signs around your property and you must never ignore them.

To help you spot a potential leak, we explain some of the most common signs that you might experience.

Warping on wooden flooring

One way that you can detect a leak is by changes in your flooring. When water drips out but has nowhere to go it can build up under the flooring, particularly under wooden floors, and begin to warp – this is when the wood begins to rise and bubble. You might also notice damp areas and watermarks in other kinds of flooring such as around the edges.

Strange noises from your pipes

When your pipes leak you may start hearing strange noises such as hissing. Usually, this is caused by water and air coming from the pipes instead of running through the pipes. The leak may only be small or it could be major, either way, you should have a professional take a look if you begin to hear hissing or other unusual sounds.

Spike in your water bill

A large increase in your water bill is a clear sign that something has changed. Escaping water can indicate to your water provider that you are using a lot more water than before, but in fact, this could be down to a leak. You may not have noticed any other signs of a problem but if your water bill is saying something different it’s always worth having your property checked out.

Pooling water and puddles

Noticing puddles around your home means water is escaping from the pipes. Pooled water can occur anywhere, but if it is not dealt with it can affect the structural integrity of your home due to excessive moisture. Water should never be left to settle in one spot. As soon as you notice a pattern or recurring puddles and pooling have an expert assess your home for leaks.

If you have a leak emergency or you’ve spotted one of the common signs of a leak, you need a professional who can get things sorted. The Plumbing Doctor, based in Plymouth, has over 10 years of experience in plumbing. We offer a prompt and professional service for all of your plumbing needs whether that’s problems with leaks of a full bathroom installation. Get in touch for more information.