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What Should You Expect from Leak Inspection and Repair?

General Plumbing

Leaky pipes can be serious and may result in water damage to your home. Knowing the signs of leaks in your pipes will play a role in preventing a leak from becoming more serious. If you live in the Plymouth service area, The Plumbing Doctor is ready to help with leak detection and repair services.

Signs of Leaky Pipes

  • A metered customer may experience an increase in usage
  • Cracking in any paved areas of your property
  • Sinkholes or potholes
  • Dirt or air in your water
  • Dampness or wetness in your garden area in a dry spell
  • Obvious water pressure reduction

If you experience any of these problems around your property, it is unlikely that you can fix it yourself. You will need an experienced plumber to find the leak and make the appropriate repairs.

Where Leaking Pipes Can Happen

Water leaks can happen anywhere there is a plumbing system inside or outside of your home. You can experience a leak in your loft’s tank, a pipe that burst in your garden, or in your bathroom or kitchen.

Water leaks are not exclusive to homes. Business offices, retail stores, and other structures where there is a plumbing system are also at risk. Leaky pipes, no matter where they start, often turn into very costly repairs if you neglect to get a professional plumber to examine them immediately.

What to Do Once You Notice a Leak

You may not have time to waste once leaks are noticeable. Here is what you need to do in case you notice you have a leak somewhere.

  • Do not hesitate to call a professional plumber.
  • During the initial phone call, you will be asked a few questions about your plumbing problem and an appointment will be made to arrange a visit for the lead detection and repair.
  • The expert plumber will investigate and find the leak, then provide you with options and advice regarding making repairs.
  • Depending on how extreme the pipe leak is, a repair team will be dispatched to your property.

What to Expect from The Plumbing Doctor

The Plumbing Doctor has a high approval rating from their customers for these reasons.

  • We respond with an hour
  • You will know the price up front
  • Qualified, professional, expert plumbers will be there to help you
  • All our work is insured and guaranteed

Our rapid response to your plumbing leaks is crucial, especially when it comes to protecting your property from water damage.

Remember that it is unwise to delay making a call to a qualified plumber to examine your plumbing system to find the leak.

If you think a leaking pipe is an annoyance, imagine what a burst pipe will do to your carpet, walls, flooring, furniture, driveway or other paved surface if you don’t get the leak fixed.

If you suspect a leaky pipe in your home or on your property, don’t hesitate to contact The Plumbing Doctor for a consultation right away.